28 December, 2010

Tumble Yourselves Over To My Tumblr

I am migrating to tumblr!

Thank you all for putting up with my dormant blog for the past few months! This blog will no longer be running as I will now be migrating this blog to a new location. I will also be posting more this coming year (2011) on my new blog. CHECK IT OUT NOW!


kabs x

05 September, 2010

It's A Love Story, Baby Just Say Yes...

New outfit post on lookbook, check it out! (&& +HYPE if you like <3)

Also, here are some recent cam-whoring pics of me & my man!

♥ kabs x

PS. two posts in one night (after not posting for 2.5 months!)...YAY!! I know, I'm on a rollllll baby :)




I know I'm a big PHAT liar. I've been busy. And honestly, there hasn't really been anything interesting going on to blog about... UNTIL NOW!

Not really, but still. 

Firstly, winter is over and we are officially into spring. YAY!
Secondly, I just celebrated my FIRST 22nd birthday (Second one coming up in october ^.^). Which mean's I have fresh new photos to share :)

Dinner at Red Cray with my lovely ladies: Stef, Justine, Vanessa, Emma, & Pearly. 
(&& with our handsome men David, Mun, & Lahp.)

Thank you for coming guys! I love you all <3

♥ kabs xx

16 June, 2010

Tee Squared

The answer is NO!

No, I have not come out of hibernation and I'm not back to blogging yet!

However if you need your daily dose of kabs, there is plenty of action happening on my twitter and my tumblr!

Feel free to give me some love there!

Don't forget about this blog though! Although it is temporarily a ghost town, I will be back to blogging in about 1-2 weeks! And in no time skinnybitchkabs will be restored to its somewhat lively pre-exam state!

Until then I will be tweeting and reblogging pretty pictures like there's no tomorrow!

Much love,

Kabs <3

24 May, 2010

Hibernation Begins

So its been a while since I last blogged, so I guess I was kinda already hibernating, but I will be going into further hibernation due to my upcoming exams in 3 weeks! 

I will be back shortly, and will definitely blog like crazy when my exams are over... or try to anyways!!
Love you all,

XOXO kabs

29 April, 2010

Party @ the Ee Residence.

It's time.

Welcome back from a 5 day commercial break. The moment you have all been waiting for...

[image] it appears that every single one of these losers are grabbing my ass.. or so it seems HAHA sure looks like it tho!

So, as you may know, I have finally recovered my camera cable and can now post my very overdue pics from weeks ago.

10th April, @ the Eee residence. 
So heres how it went down. Luvieur, Bilal, Ben, Rufus and myself, were innocently eating kentucky fried chicken and sipping on alcoholic tea whilst deciding where to go dancing for the night. Unfortunately we couldn't come to a decision and somehow began dancing in the Ee lounge room. Thats when things go a little bit out of hand. And the PARTY OF FIVE began.
Eating, drinking, dancing, face-painting, and K.O'ing.

[Click on images for larger view]


Have a good day YO!

[heart] kabs.